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A Company = People + Products. They both need marketing to Enhance Sales Performances.

Discover how Digital Marketing and Social Media Management can boost your sales.

We are the first agency providing Personal Branding on Chinese Social Media

We manage your Personal Brand and Online Identity on Social Media. Personal Branding directly impacts your career and social life; Social Media Management and Content Creation form the backbone of a modern Personal Branding Strategy.

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We are the first agency to provide Chinese companies with digital marketing services on western social media platforms

Corporate Branding on Chinese Social Media

  • China Social Media Management
  • WeChat Digital Marketing
  • Weibo Digital Marketing
  • China SEO
  • China PPC
  • China email marketing
  • China e-commerce

Corporate Branding on Western Social Media

  • Facebook SMM
  • Facebook Advertisement
  • LinkedIn SMM
  • Twitter SMM
  • Instagram SMM
  • Youtube SMM
  • Pinterest SMM

Personal Branding on Chinese Social Media

  • China Social Media Management
  • WeChat Marketing
  • Weibo Marketing

Video Production Photography

  • Video Production
  • Photography

Social Media Management gives you visibility

Today being visible means becoming a better Brand and selling more.
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1. Creative Solutions for your Marketing on Chinese Social Media

We provide a wide range of China marketing services for companies seeking to establish or expand their presence in China. If you have a product or a service to sell online and are looking to reach Chinese consumers and companies directly, or if your goal is to build your brand awareness in China – you came to the right place. We have the expertise to run every aspect of your digital marketing campaign in China. We start with WeChat and Weibo, and then we use secondary platforms (Douban – Zhiyu – Tieba – Toutiao) to get new followers and potential leads. Our In-house Growth Hackers will help you to grow your social media audiences using organic techniques – AICY Hacking NINJAS.

2. Facebook SMM and LinkedIn SMM

Social media management is the process of managing your online interactions and content across social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest.
It also includes engaging with your audience and looking for new opportunities to increase  your reach and visibility. A good digital marketing strategy always brings sales and new business opportunities.

3. We Build Your Personal Brand and Online Identity for you

Hollywood Stars, Actors, Politicians and famous Entrepreneurs are looking after their personal brand and their Online Identity on a daily basis. For them, having a perfect social media presence is essential. They have social media agency that helps them to keep THEIR GREAT SOCIAL VOICE.
This allows them to gain professional opportunities and have a greater number of fans.
In an increasingly competitive world, we must do the same thing. Today, your online identity is as important as your real identity (sometimes more).
To get the best we are forced to Stand Out.

4. We build high-quality Social Media content that tell your personal story on Social Media

AICY creates high-quality contents that show you in your industry, as well as aim to highlight your achievements.
AICY is a community of Photographer, Videographers, Editors, Animators, and Directors ready to create Photoshoots and Videos for the best “product” we know: YOU

We provide a platform that transforms and radically improves the way you look Online




Production platform for creative sourcing, competitive bidding, metrics, and end-to-end project management




Access to over 1000 creative professionals who have delivered more than 70,000 video and photo projects to over 100 top-tier brands




An elite in-house team that brings production expertise, managing and supporting your most in-depth Digital Projects

What People say About AICY

The delivery AICY make, especially the social sharing, is of very high-quality work, better than other agencies I have worked with in the past Dewi 大乔

Marketing Director @ Bayankala

Before AICY and Personal Branding, my acting work in China didn’t show up on Chinese social media. After 6 months of work on Weibo and rebranding, views have increased by 300%. Thanks, Brizzo Michael Koltes


AICY Western Digital Expertise Contribution is invaluable. Their work and support have been impeccable. Tim Nguyen

Business Development @ DJI

They use a simple idea that works; They apply every product marketing concept to me as a person, and the result is a useful Personal Brand for my career. It work on LinkedIn and also on Weibo. 李昕

Movie Director based in Shanghai

Excellent use of all Chinese social platforms and timely achievement of all monthly KPIs. Good job. Mico

Marketing Director @ Decathlon

AICY managed to build a solid team which is able to deliver high-quality Digital Services for China Market. Costantino Psilogenis

CEO @ United Pets Milan

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