A personal brand is not so common thing in China these days. In the world of KOL and TV stars, who promote any product they have been paid for, we start to forget about how just the name of the creator can successfully sell its goods for amazingly high praise. The whole world was ready to give all the money for any single piece which Steve Jobs proposed to the audience. And the effect of his name is still here. But could the common Chinese citizen have this power?

We believe, yes, he or she can. With personal brand. And Linkedin is the perfect start for it.

A brand is a created identity, and personal one should be based on real personality, it should also be refined and treated like a professional company brand. Starting own personal brand you will widen your professional network on LinkedIn and engage in different discussions with different people, your audience and your network should all receive a consistent experience. That means your image, your personality, and even your language need to be in sync with each other.

Your Linkedin page could become your perfect face and business card. That’s what your colleges and a future employer will see. That’s how people will see you.

Your business card

It’s not a secret how huge is competition in China now. You should always be the best of the best to get a good job and opportunities. Everyone wants to find a good job, in China, abroad, an international company. It seems like Linkedin is the best place to find any of them.

But it’s not only about to find someone or get to know someone. It’s more about let people know about you. Nowadays your page in LinkedIn could become your best resume ever.

What exactly does that mean? In a nutshell, when you’re branding yourself, you’re suggesting a unique promise of value that separates you from others —you are someone or do something that’s different than everyone else out there. And then you’re communicating it on LinkedIn — and to the world.

Also, don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through. You should spend most of the content on your professional profile, but leave some portion for more personal elements that help you stand out.

For example, if sustainability is a core value of yours, or if you speak three languages and believe in the value of global experiences, include it. It’s also OK to be opinionated about issues in your field. Don’t be radical (that never makes you friends— or gets you job offers), but know that people will be more interested in you if you have a real point of view.

Once you had a great personal page at Linkedin, you have the opportunity to gently and easy show knew people, potential partners, customers or employers, anyone who could be interested in you, your professional side.

Professional network

The main mission of such social media as LinkedIn is to create a huge and functional network of professional. LinkedIn with its amazingly big data of professionals can give you all options to find what you need. Whether your network for job opportunities, sales prospects, or just overall experience, it’s true that LinkedIn can enhance your efforts. Making a beautiful and informative Linkedin page with a thoughtful personal brand will help you to find the right people and start to work with them.


Of course, not everyone in Linkedin wants to network and you need to keep it in mind. New LinkedIn users sometimes get excited about the notion of making new connections and start reaching out to people they haven’t met before. While some users also love the idea of meeting new people and connecting with strangers, others are offended by it and may feel as if their privacy has been disrespected if they receive such a request.

Try to focus on connecting with people you’ve already met or connections of people you’ve already met. Make sure to let each potential connection know how you found them and why you want to connect with them.LinkedIn is meant for networking, so don’t think twice about using it as one. Once you are on a networking site, you will need to interact with others so please do so.

Go global

LinkedIn is also the best place to grow your network abroad, connect with potential international employers, look for a job and position overseas. With already over 560 million users worldwide, LinkedIn is the web’s largest and most powerful network of professionals and there are many ways to take advantage of this platform to find a job overseas.

The great thing about LinkedIn is that you will be able to find out about job openings in any country or cities around the world before moving to your future country of expatriation and even better, it lets you apply directly to job offers just by clicking the Apply button.

Being connected on LinkedIn will help to speed up your international job search process. You will not need to spam or annoy your connections to get a point of entry when you have limited information. When you are in the recruitment process for a job and you are curious to know more about this company, just log into your LinkedIn account and run a search. You will be surprised by your connections on your network who are connected to the international company you are trying to access.

This could put an end to your frustrating international job search. Foreigners and expats use LinkedIn for their international job search across the globe. It not only helps you find a job internationally but also helps with planning your future career.

Where to find some offers? Try international LinkedIn group international groups with related career fields, as this will give your profile more visibility globally. With these groups, you can discuss topics that are relevant to everyone.

Also, many international companies create company pages to represent and promote themselves online. The page will shed basic information about the company, and posted jobs in the dedicated LinkedIn section. All this information will help in finding yourself a job with the potential help of a job search strategist or a career coach.

Google yourself

What is important for your international vision, that’s what Linkedin page is the first thing what potential employers and clients will see when they Google your name.

If you apply to a job in a western company, there is an 80% chance they will Google your name. In fact, it’s probably higher now since that research is from 2014. And your LinkedIn profile will most likely show up first.

Here’s why LinkedIn is important: Ranking on Google’s first page can be difficult, but LinkedIn is a well-known and powerful network — and Google’s into it. Because of that, it’s typically easier to get your LinkedIn page to rank on Google versus your homemade website or online portfolio. If your LinkedIn profile is the first thing a prospective employer will see, then maybe it’s time to get one or edit your existing one to stand out among the crowd.

The account in Linkedin with the impressing personal brand makes you seem more credible. It’s much better to have your LinkedIn profile show up at the top of Google results rather than Instagram, Twitter, Weibo or other social media handles. Since almost two-thirds of all clicks go to the top three results, LinkedIn is the place where people will learn about you.


Personal branding is not all about you telling the world how great you are. It more about what others tell about you. And Linkedin can provide them with tools to set and check your accomplishments.

There are two ways LinkedIn lets you validate what you say about yourself and others say about you – endorsements and recommendations. These features make you more credible to those who are checking you out. Just be sure to get endorsements for key skills and have recommendations from respected leaders in your industry.

Even if you’re not currently looking for work, you can use LinkedIn to start collecting recommendations and skill endorsements that may come in handy later. Try to accumulate praises now that will help later when you are actively looking for new clients and/or full-time opportunities.

A recommendation on LinkedIn is different from many other places because it can be traced back directly to the individual. If you leave someone a testimonial, other people can click on that and know that you exist. They can read your profile, which gives them confidence that this was a real recommendation. In addition, you cannot change a single word of a testimonial, which adds validity.

HRs are here

We should not forget, that Linkedin is a worldwide platform for recruiters (and hiring managers) to discover talent.Jenny Foss, career strategist and blogger at JobJenny.com, paints a picture:

“If you’re a professional and not ‘on’ LinkedIn, you nearly don’t exist through the eyes of recruiters. This sounds harsh, but think about it: Tomorrow, a recruiter is going to log into LinkedIn and do a search, say, for a graphic designer with specific knowledge of user experience…within, perhaps, a 25 mile radius of a certain zip code. If you’re a graphic designer with UX knowledge, living in that zip code radius, and interested in landing a new job, guess what happens if you’re not on LinkedIn? Yep, the recruiter finds someone else for a role that may have been very interesting to you.”

This example is precisely why you need to cultivate a LinkedIn presence that will attract people looking to hire exactly you.HR managers know that A-players are already gainfully employed at a great organization, likely with great pay, job perks, stock options, and flex schedules.

If they want these high-performers working for them, they need to pry them away. To do that, of course, they need to reach out to them. And the best way to find and contact this “passive talent”—a talent who isn’t actively looking for new work, but may be interested—is on LinkedIn.


We have a small secret to share with you. You don’t need to be an “A-player” (yet) to get the attention of recruiters and hiring managers. But you do need to look like one.Guess what? Your personal brand is exactly the thing for this case.

Company’s page

But what if you are running your own business? Can personal brand in Linkedin help you with it? Absolutely!LinkedIn provides a great way to share your company’s story, and develop trust and subject-matter authority through regular updates and customer recommendations.

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With LinkedIn’s company pages, it’s easy to communicate what you have to offer and to tailor this message for different industries, groups and demographics. Listing your products also allows you to collect recommendations, as one report notes, and “to drive traffic back to your website’s products or services page, which can ultimately drive sales.”

As current and previous employees actively use LinkedIn, they create a growing network that links (quite literally) back to your company page, expanding your brand presence worldwide.

Last but not least, while LinkedIn is useful for job hunters, it’s much more than a place to surreptitiously post resumes. The network offers companies a great way to advertise job openings to a diverse talent pool. Plus, the candidate profiles say much more about a potential employee than the typical resume and work samples.

Find investors

With close to half a billion members, LinkedIn is the directory for business professionals. When you’re looking for a working capital loan, the lending firm will be looking for your LinkedIn profile. It’s just too simple and quick to get a glimpse at a person’s background, experience and personality.

Your LinkedIn activity shows other professionals that you value and participate in business communities, and sends a message about your company’s competence with technology and emerging media. Especially for business-to-business firms, these connections can drive referrals that result in new clients, customers and contracts.

So if you are looking for new partners or investors, maybe even foreign, Linkedin is the best place to search and the best place to present yourself. A small investment in your Linkedin personal brand can bring huge capital injection in your business.

The network of partners and competitors

Have you met someone at a meetup or industry event? It’s totally cool to connect with them on LinkedIn afterwards. In some ways, in the international community it’s even expected.

It helps you two remember each other better following that initial meeting. In fact, 44% of LinkedIn users establish better face-to-face relationships through their use of the platform.

Another advantage of LinkedIn is that you can follow companies. This will allow you to tune into their updates. Company profiles can also show lists of present and former employee and tell you if you’re connected to any. You can track updates of your partners and competitors, so always be in trend.

What’s about students?

There’s a lot of confusion relating to LinkedIn. Some people see it as a social media network, while others view it as a job board. Both assumptions are correct to a certain extent. As we talked before, it could be used by the employer as much as employees. But what about those, who haven’t started their career yet?

We believe that every student (including Chinese) should be on LinkedIn. Here some reasons why.

Linkedin is a great platform to start your professional network even if it seems that you don’t know anyone out there. Start by connecting with your peers and your university lecturers, then branch out into the industry that you want to work in. You never know when a connection will come in handy and the bigger your network, the more chance you have of being referred to a job role.

While LinkedIn is about much more than just searching for jobs, it is still incredibly useful when it comes to finding your next position – which makes LinkedIn particularly useful for students. You can program LinkedIn to send you job alerts for certain companies, industries or specific job titles so that you’ll never miss out on a great opportunity again.

Also, it could help you to prepare for the interview. Interviews are always nerve-wracking but by having an account on LinkedIn, you can conduct your own research into the company, and the employer, so that you can go into your interview feeling as prepared as possible.

After all, having a LinkedIn account as a student proves that you are dedicated to pursuing a career. By being specific in your summary and connecting with people in the field that you’d like to end up in, you prove that you’re putting in the time and effort required to succeed in your chosen career.

Last word

So now you can easily get why having a compelling personal brand can help you meet great connections, get clients or job offers, and overall succeed in the professional world as a Chinese citizen.

Using LinkedIn strategically for your local and international job search is a great tool to present your profile and help you land your dream job or find investments. Keep in mind that it is important to regularly update your profile for your job search or branding purposes.

If you need help in your personal branding and constant presence in Chinese and Western social media, contact AICY Create. We are here to help!



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