Artist Name: Alfredo James Pacino

Job: Actor, Filmmaker

Country: America

Net worth: Approx $165 million

My weakness.I wish I could come up with something. Id probably have the same pause if you asked about what my strengths are. Maybe they are the same.

Alfredo James Pacino



Alfredo James Pacino (1940) is an actor and film maker has become one of the most celebrated icons in the film industry. (As an actor and filmmaker, (born in 1940), he has had a spanning career for more than 5 decades.)

With career spanning fifty year’she has received many accolades and honors, both in competition and in honoraria. Some of his awards include, an academic award, two Tony Awards,Lifetime Achievement awards and a National Medal of Arts.  Al Pacino is also one of the few actors who have won the “Triple Crown of Acting.”


At 37,  he had become a box office“bankable” superstar, whose commitment to a project meant  guaranteed  success.With his passion for the theatre he  continued a stage acting career, which is rare because most film actors leave the stage to pursue film .

Trully a rare breed — the serious stage actor. (Unlike many of his peers, Pacino has never stopped working on stage.)For him, movie stardom wassomething of an accident; , by his own estimation, a method actorwho plays leading roles.


Pacinos expertise and values differentiate him from other stars

When some people go through downs in their lives, many will give up. That may be true for some people, but not Al Pacino. Throughout his acting career, he failed many times but he continued to persevere and follow his dreams.  This is one of the main reasons he is where he is now, as a megastar.

He began his career on stage  in 1967 at the Charles Playhouse in Boston, MA.

Two years later  he landed his first major role  as an on  on-screen actor, when he  appeared a  the film  “Me, Natalie” that year.

In 1971, he gained more fame from his great performance as the lead role as a heroin addict in the movie “The Panic in Needle.”


He has since scripted, directed and acted in many filmssuch as“The Godfather,” “Serpico”, “Scarface” and many others.

Pacino is known for his intence and explosive style ,audience’s find him magnetic and inspiring.   .

al Pacino’s magnetism and charm are extraordinary; the facial expressions, the movements of the hands, the choice of the pauses in the dialogue, are  very difficult elements to reproduce and  these peculiarities that make him an unique actor. This is the reason why Al Pacino’s personal brand is interesting and  should  be studied ;

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The average person can learn to incorporate the qualities of charm and charisma into their own personal life,making one more attractiveand confident.

Every day we do  ordinary things by following the routine of our normal life; often our approach to this routine is superficial and we put little attention to details. Let’s try to think of the positive results that we would obtain if we tried to be more seductive and charismatic even during the daily episodes that make our life our movie.


His personal brand traits have made him highly influencial in the film industry

Pacino has starred in numerous film’s and play’s giving him great influence and respect . His hard work has made him successful today because of his commitment to fine tuning his craft.

For 50 year’s , he has been a paragon in the  film industry . During this time, he has been able to inspire many people through his love for the art.

Some of the traits that make him influential are:

  • He is a visionary: Pacino has an eye for what will work in the future and once he see’s the potential in an idea,he sets his mind on it and will do what ever in necessary to make it a reality.Pacino has accomplished feats that many actors have never achieved. For example, he won a competitive Oscar, an Emmy and a Tony Award for acting. Very few people have been able to win these three awards together.
  • He is hungry for success: Pacino strives for the full meaning of success. He aims to have wealth, power and material comfort and works to make sure he gets them. Pacino, despite his success, has always remained an actor of the highest level;While many actors take advantage of, or at least learn to live with, the spotlight of stardom, Pacino is self‐conscious about his celebrity. It is as if there are two Pacinos, the hard‐working professional actor and the star.


  • He is able to be Likeable:Woman adore Pacino but in spite of this he has always maintained an air of humility.Since the beginning of his career, he has always been a man who is not immediately noticed but thanks to his natural magnetism,  others were willing to sponsor him and give him a chance.


  • He likes to work with others: Pacino works with others that have strength where he has weakness so as to maintain a balance in his project. For example, he is not a detail oriented so he gets others who are detail oriented to join his projects. Martin Bregman has been his manager for his entire professional life and he helped Pacino manage its personal brand and career in a business where managers are as disposable .
  • He is a fair man: Pacino is a very powerful man within the film industry but he doesn’t let that get to his head. He is good at exercising his power in a fair and just way.  He does not attack people with his power but instead applies it when needed. He is known for choosing to accept responsibility for issues in order to come to a solution.
  • He is a problem solver: As a seasoned professional, Pacino takes the lead in providing solutions with his team. However, he makes sure their concerns and ideas are involved in a broader solution. It all comes down to using power for the good of all, and Pacino is  adept at that.
  • Many of the characters he acts are representations of himself: Pacino’s characters — even supposed winners like Bobby Deerfield (inBobby Deerfield)— are misfits, people out of the mainstream, besieged by and battling society’s expectations of conformity. The essential Pacino character is a loner — isolated on an emotional atoll, but with a burning intensity. Within this framework, Pacino’s range is extraordinary. The characters can be , extroverted and withdrawn, articulate , illiterate, assertive or acquiescent

Pacino as with all great actors (such as Brando and Hopkins), we never lose sight of the actor within the character.


Things he should have done better

In many of the interviews that Al Pacino has been part of, he seems to stress  having no regrets.  His life has been full of down and ups, and he understands what poverty means.

Despite saying he has “no regrets or weaknesses,” he has gone through several failures. He does not like to talk much about the movie that almost ruined his career – “” (1987). This was  the biggest failure in his career. To top it off, he got terribly sick during shooting, but he still managed to complete the film.

I like anything that gives me routine. Acting gives an organization to the chaos that I have in my life.

Alfredo James Pacino


Pacinos private life is not as glamorous as his on-screen life

Life for Pacino was not always glamorous. He started his acting career doing plays. During this period, he went through a lengthy period of depression and poverty. At times he was so poor that, he even had to borrow bus fare to go to auditions.Things started to change for him when he joined the Actor Studio in 1966 under Coach Lee Strasberg in New York. Al Pacino considers Strasberg to be his hero because Lee trained him in method acting and without him he would not be who he is now. Despite being a big name movie actor, Al Pacino still adores theater. He loves checking out stage acts especially from his favorite writer – Shakespeare. He is still famous for his acts on stage and continues to make some contribution there. Pacino, the urban, contemporary Method(?) actor, feels connected, almost umbilically, to classic theater traditions: They give him sustenance. When he talks about actors and acting—his favorite subjects — he often refers to Eleanora Duse and Edmund Kean. When he quotes a critic, it is usually William Hazlitt. In many ways he is a throwback — a modern prince of players.



Due to his dedication to acting, his personal life has suffered a bit.  To make movies, requires large amounts of time spent away from your loved ones.  The tradeoff was becoming a superstar actor but he’s never been married. He’s had had several women in his life and over his known career, he has had over 10 serious relationships.  Even now in his old age, he has remained unmarried, and even has three adult daughters.  His latest girlfriends is an Argentinean actress, Lucila Sola who he’s  been spotted with on several occasions. Yet, he remains one of Hollywood’s most notorious bachelors.


How he will be remembered

Pacino hardly ever grants interviews, and when he does he is wary about revealing himself. “I’m not a personality,” he explains — not someone who can turn on, at will, for the news media. Unlike most stars, he has no press agent. In our interviews over the years, only occasionally has he allowed himself a moment of selfanalysis.Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, Robert De Niro and Jack Nicholson are actors with whom the audience can identify rather than look up to. In apparent contradiction, they are also fantasy figures, romantic icons, for a new generation of moviegoers.Al Pacino has been a great figure in the film industry for decades. His contribution to the industry is something that cannot be easily forgotten. He has been a great inspiration to many aspiring actors and has starred and created films that will go down in movie history.   Because of that, his legacy will never be forgotten.


Al Pacino Personal Brand’s Key Points

  • Never give up but make sure that what you have learned in the darkest moments becomes your strength.
  • Be a charmer; the movement of the body and the variation of facial expressions are planned in great detail. Every nuance must generate emotions and interest.
  • Bu hungry of success and work hard for it.
  • Do not let your age be a limit: the older you become the more interesting you are.




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