Chiara Ferragni, launched her fashion blog in 2009 (pre-Instagram era) when she was a law student in native Milan. A 2011 Teen Vogue profile helped boost her site ( past 1 million unique visitors. In 2014 she was earning $8 million. She now has her own line of shoes and has collaborated with brands ranging from Guess to Gucci.



And again…

It took only 7 years for Xiaomi to go from a startup phone manufacturer to one of the biggest technology giants in China. The Company was founded in 2010 by Lei Jun, who believed that high quality technology products should be accessible to everyone.

Xiaomi uses social media as its main source of promotion to increase customer awareness and engagement. Rather than spending billions of dollars on traditional forms of advertising, Xiaomi is extremely active on social media and often posts daily communications around product launches, promotions, industry trends, and even contests that help generate more user interaction. Through their own managed community forums, Xiaomi’s most loyal fans, the “Mi-fans” often meet online to discuss Xiaomi’s latest products and even chat with the Company’s engineers to share product feedback.

Sounds pretty cool, RIGHT! Even a boring engineer such as myself, now has a voice that someone wants to hear.



Right now, there are a new group of digital ambassadors getting paid by brands to post. It’s a new way to do marketing and a new profession. Being a digital ambassador can become a full-time career for some and for others it can be a side job. Either way by building and establishing a personal brand online people can now make a passive income in different ways.

The good news is that there is a need for digital ambassadors in many areas: IT-Tech-Wellness-Sports-F & B. Therefore, there are endless opportunities for you .



The rise of social media gives influencers power over their followers. They have a big voice and are actively using this voice to engage with their large community of fans. Digital Ambassadors and influencers have become valuable assets for brands and business’ looking to reach new or specific audiences.


Whether you are in Europe or China, if you have an established personal brand, then you could be a part of company’s social media management plan.The most important thing is that you can use your personal brand to promote your company and service, and this gives you a big advantage in terms of rapport-building and brand awareness.




  1. Why are Digital Ambassadors important?

Digital Ambassadors have the skills and resources that assist with commanding a digital presence in the online and mobile market. Digital ambassadors should be a part of any company’s social media management plan. If planned effectively this will make the corporate brand known to a wider audience and on a deeper level.

E.G. Kristina Bazan become well known within the fashion industry, and now she is the spokeswoman at L’Oreal Paris thanks to her influence on social media. She is often hired by high-end brands, including Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Guess. Kristina has more than 2.4million Instagram followers and is also active on other social networks.


  1. Traits of a Good Digital Ambassador

Being social media savvy means always being on the ball. You must constantly be open to learning because the people you are connecting with are constantly changing their minds. For some, connecting online comes very naturally, however for others it can be quite difficult. Thus, corporate brands choose digital ambassadors strategically.

They recruit people with:

  • A social presence/tribe. While it’s nice to have people sharing content, if they have no one to share it with, it defeats your goal.



  • social media knowledge. Shares are good but knowing how and when to post will make sure people see your posts.
  • A love of social. If someone doesn’t love social, if it’s a chore, they won’t be an effective ambassador for you.
  • Finally, they choose people with strong emotional intelligence. A company will assess the way in which you use social media before choosing you as a digital ambassador. Someone versed in digital and social media, will understand they need an engaged following and one that’s interested in what you’re saying.


e.g. 全球旅游攻略, is a famous travel blogger with 3.63 million followers.

“Plan your trip and let me be your guide to the most beautiful season to the most beautiful places”

Her followers are very clear about the content she is going to post. She introduces them to different travel destinations. In addition, she posts information regarding travel guides. She offers her followers visuals and written posts. She is a digital ambassador who understands that a travel blog needs more than just ‘pretty’ pictures to keep her community and followers engaged.


  1. China Social

The Chinese social media landscape is the most dynamic and unique one in the world. There are communication tools such as Weibo and WeChat that have achieved mass-market penetration. Indeed, China had 618 million users on the Internet at the end of last year, and 91% of Chinese netizens have accounts on at least one social network.

LinkedIn is also permitted in China, therefore if you want to grow your following in China, then it is a must. You can easily translate content from English to Chinese and vice-versa to establish your personal brand to a whole range of followers.



E.G.  James Altucher is a successful entrepreneur, chess master, venture capitalist, and author of many books including, Choose Yourself. Altucher looks for the most painful and embarrassing situations in his life, then writes about them. His Pulse articles are personal and sometimes uncomfortable, but they invite readers to view the world differently.

So, how can you begin building a team of awesome ambassadors for your business? Be the first to become an ambassador of your brand, and you will see the benefith that this is going to bring to your company culture and marketing process. There is in front of you over 30 years of social media actvity to manage. Don’t miss it out and push the accelerator.


Thanks for reading; My name is Brizzo and I’m a digital marketer based in Shanghai.
My experience is on Personal Branding & Online Reputation on Social Media.

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