To meet every need of your Life’s Purpose and satisfy the function of your highly evolved emotional system, there are three vital areas you must focus on. Every time you have marked success in any of these areas, you mind rewards you with a feeling of happiness.


Health: Health refers to both the physical and the mental — body and mind. You need a proven method to maintain your health.

Wealth: Wealth helps you to maintain your health and your relationships. You need a roof over your head, clothes on your back and food in your stomach. Additional creature comforts assist in your survival and replication. An apartment may keep you warm and dry, but also provides a private location for your relationship. A vehicle not only enables you to make money, but also improves your romantic options by increasing your effective range.  It also costs money to have a gym membership, dress well, and socialize at a nightclub or restaurant


LOVE (Relationships): This refers mainly to your loving relationships, but may also extend to friendships, family members, and business relationships.  If you want to have loving relationship success, you must study relationships and in particular how to begin one.

You may maintain an area, improve it or neglect it If you rate your success in any area from 1 to 10, a 10 requires you to only maintain it. If the rating is below 10, you will need to devise a way to improve your success in that area. If you neglect an area too long then the quality of your life will decline.


Success in any one vital area will positively affect the other two, while neglecting to maintain any one area will negatively affect the other two. When you neglect an area for far too long the effects can quickly infect a second area. The second areas negative effects can then cascade into a third area, and so on. This runaway chain reaction is called spiraling and if left unbridled can undermine your life’s prime directives. Rationing your time equally among all three vital areas is crucial in preventing a downward spiral which can lead to a great collapse (sickness, poverty, and loneliness).



Health Neglect: If you have wealth and success in love (relationships) but are lacking in health (mental or physical), you’ll have decreased success in the area of wealth with lowered productivity and energy levels, as well as in the area of relationships. People who don’t respect themselves are seldom respected by others. Unhealthy people are simply not attractive.


Wealth Neglect: If you have health and relationship success (love), but fail in the area of wealthy you won’t have the resources to pursue love (unable to pay cover charges for instance) nor have the means to maintain health (proper food, healthy physical environment, and exercise equipment). A big bed in your own condo not only allows you to sleep better than on your parent’s couch (health), but also rewards you with a place to bring a woman (love).

Love (Relationship) Neglect:

If you are healthy and wealthy, but you don’t have success in your relationships, this failure will make you feel lonely and compromise your self-esteem (mental health). It will also undermine your wealth building plans. For business relationships, you’ll have a tough time making new contacts, networking, and you’ll appear less together which will affect your wealth building potential.



You must maintain or improve all three vital areas of your life with balance. If you aren’t getting the results you want while practicing your game, it might be useful to examine your social life in general, your health and fitness, and your career.


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