It’s no secret that what goes on Instagram isn’t always reflective of what happens in real life.

The effects of social media are multifaceted and hard to quantify, so it feels pointless demanding more authenticity from something that doesn’t necessarily require it. When it comes to Lil Miquela as a phenomenon, though, the whole thing outlines how — online at least — aesthetics are valued way above authenticity. Probably  real-human influencers are already a confirmation of this fact.

Their sole job is to look good, isn’t ? Their top focus is to appear cool and interesting, so that the brands they wear seem cool and interesting by extension. But now brand can chose also Digital Personal Brands, and maybe this will allow them to re-take control of a million dollar business called Influencer marketing.


Lil Miquela is a computer-generated cyborg, 19-year-old Brazilian-American Instagram “influencer” model, and occasional pop singer. She often posts pictures of herself in designer gear, from Chanel to Prada, Vetements to Supreme, and she regularly uploads selfies with other models, artists, and musicians.Shecollected around 916,000 followers, though that number is always rising.

Someone says that Lil is half Asian but the news has not yet been confirmed.

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She is not real, but fans are real like me and you. They comment and engage with Lil daily, and when they ask some question they always receive a reply.

Lil Miquela is a big influencer and some of the biggest names in fashion are lining up to get her to “model” their clothes.


The Personal Brand’s Avatar has been created by Brud, a mysterious L.A.-based start-up of “engineers, storytellers, and dreamers” who claim to specialize in artificial intelligence and robotics.

Brud is backed by the Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm Sequoia Capital. While Brud isn’t the first crew to use a digital art project to pull in funding for their enterprise, nor is Miquela the only digital influencer with a modeling career, surely they are one of the most visibly successful groups trying their hand at it.


Lil Miquela goals are pretty clear:  Like her contemporaries Kim Kardashianr or Emily Ratajkowski, Miquela arcs towards a horizon of perfection and goals.

She writes detailed captions about her lifestyle, full of feelings and artistic or personal self-discoveries, and speaks out about causes she holds dear, from Black Lives Matter to transgender rights. Miquela also exists on Tumblr and has a verified account on Twitter. And she has two singles on Spotify, although no one knows whose actual voice is actually singing, or if it’s all digitally manipulated.

In a post from April 20 that has by now garnered almost two hundred thousand likes, Miquela discussed her own feelings regarding her origins, writing, “In trying to realize my truth, I’m trying to learn my fiction,” after she discovered that her identity “was a choice Brud made in order to sell me to brands.”


Miquela’s perfection as a brand ambassador is twofold, rooted in her malleability and her ubiquitous potential. She can be anything to anyone at any time and anywhere and she’s certainly easier to work with than any human celebrity with personal needs or entourage.

Virtual influencers can be particularly appealing to companies; it can be less risky than partnering with a person because there is more control over the image.

It’s also a way for companies to show they’re creative and on the cutting edge of technology.


Waiting to see the first virtual influencer in China on Douyin or Weibo, let’s enjoy Lil Miquela , the first Cyborg Personal Brand.


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