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Little Red Book (XiaoHongShu-小红书), is a social e-commerce shopping app targeting 18-to-35-year-old Chinese women; the platform helps users discover and buy luxury products from overseas, share Shopping Notes and spread fashion trends.


Why this social book is “Red”?
Red is the color of China but it also means popular;
Popular Influencer post Popular pictures of their popular Brands.

If it is an app for influencers, Personal Branding and strong social engagement are the real weapons to use to obtain concrete results. Western influencers and Chinese influencers finally in the same e-arena.

If you are a foreign brand already using influencer marketing, Little Red Book is highly recommended to boost your China Brand Reputation.


Branding Strategies on Little Red Book (XiaoHongShu-小红书)


Key opinion leaders (KOLs) are established online figures that have gathered large followings around themselves. They are highly influential and can be recruited to represent a business or brand.

Xiaohongshu is one of celebrities’ favorite social media platforms in China, and there are plenty of stars (ex: Fang Bing Bing, Angelababy, Lin Yun, Hu Ge, Zhang Yuq) sharing their latest shopping picks and lifestyle hacks there every day.


Consumers feel like they share an intimate bond with celebrities through their personal, light-hearted Shopping Notes. This has created a unique UGC (user-generated content) circle made up of well-known influencers with a massive following.

Every single user can become a micro-influencer as long as they’re willing to share their real and comprehensive experiences

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To reach more people, you need to use actively keywords in your posts. Beside to be found more easily by users, you will also figure on their main page (the “Explore” section) if they searched for a topic similar to yours.

  1. Key words must be included in the title of the post;
  2. The theme of the whole post/article must be written around these keywords, not around multiple topics;
  3. When you post only pictures don’t forget to add keywords.



Don’t be controversial but be cool and useful.

The contents quite popular on Xiaohongshu are the one talking about advice that people can consider to decide purchases. For example, when a user is searching for a lipstick, they will like to read content that gathers a lot of products description from different, to make a comparison.  Even If they won’t buy directly on Xiaohongshu, the content viewed will influence their future purchase.



write the word“lipstick” in XiaoHongShu;

lipstick is a very popular category in the Little Red Book. The number of shopping notes is nearly 1 million, and the competition is very fierce because the amount of interaction is very high.

Data like the registration time of the account, the number of notes published, as well as the number of fans, comment collection, etc. will affect Xiaohongshu account’s popularity.

It’s important to be reactive and provide answers in order to guide them in their research. There are a lot of contents created on the same topic and to differentiate and catch the interest from them, the author needs to follow people’s comments.


The better the interaction amount proves that the more users like it, Xiaohongshu platform will raise the weight and improve its ranking.




  1. Create content related to your products and optimize the on-page SEO of the content;
  2. Publish the content on other social media platforms with the aim to have a good Baidu SEO in place. (Weibo-Tieba – Douban- Sohu);
  3. If you have a Taobao shop, you can also add the Taobao link to the content;
  4. When someone leaves a message in your notes or comments on Little Red Book, asking where he/she can buy the product direct the lead to:


Your Baidu Search

Your Taobao Search

your Wechat Official Account

When users search in this way, they can find your contact information directly.


Smaller brands can benefit from Xiaohongshu’s growing network of celebrity users to drive brand recognition through KOL campaigns. A simple way to begin partnerships is to send products to influencers that are within the brand’s niche, and have them authentically post their thoughts.


If you are a foreign brand that is looking for innovative solutions to expand your business to Chinese market it is highly recommended to get engaged with Little Red Book app.




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