I’ve put together a mix of strategies, tips, and advice on building a personal brand I’ve talked about over the years. We focus on China, a powerful country that offers incredible possibilities to foreigners able to adapt to the social media ecosystem.

Your personal brand is the unique combination of experiences and skills that make you, YOU. The perception that other people have of you and the combination of your skills, is your Reputation, the most important assets you have in a planet populated by 7.6 billion of people.

Effective personal branding will differentiate you from other professionals in your field and today your brand exists both offline and online.The use that Chinese citizens make of social media is remarkable; the number of foreigners with a strong reputations on Chinese social networks is limited and here is the clear opportunity.

You have to build your personal Brand.
If you are Chinese citizens you have to build your brand in the western social world.

Tips for China:

Step 1: learn a basic mandarin and study the Chinese social media ecosystem;
Step 2: Open a WeChat account and start to make friends, meanwhile start to have a presence on Weibo, the chinese Facebook.
Step 3: keep reading….

A Brand Can Be a Person
Nowadays, anything can be a brand. Even as an individual, you have a personal brand.

The idea of personal branding makes some people uncomfortable. But, if you don’t take control of your personal brand online, then you are missing out on opportunities and letting others control your narrative.While the specific circumstances and goals vary by individual, the overall concepts and process are still be relevant to everyone.

We live in a transparent World (also in China)
In a world with all these social networks, everything is transparent. Everything you do is captured — with Wechat, Weibo, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.. Anything you do will be known.

You can’t have “multiple personalities” anymore for business, family, and everything else.
In an environment like this, people who have good intent are going to win. And people who come from a bad place are going to lose.The internet is going to expose all of us, so think long and hard about what your intentions are.

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Reputation lead to Money
We live in a world where everybody want money to startup something. Why? because startup something good without money is almost impossible.
Personal branding is a painless step in working towards your goals. Regardless of your industry or professional status, your personal brand has the power to make or break all kinds of opportunities for advancement.

When building your brand starts to feel like a job, remember that it is an essential part of cultivating your career. And keep in mind that the greatest investment of resources, time and effort will likely come up front.

Building and optimizing new profiles, generating content about you and your work, identifying your goals, building a brand strategy – this can feel overwhelming. But once you’ve established a strong foundation, you’ll have a roadmap to follow, which makes the whole process much more manageable.

You are a media company (China Social Media Strategy)

There is no reason to do anything other than act like a media company in today’s digital age.
1.Create content (Creativity process)
In China you can get amazing resources at reasonable price (video-photo-editing-offline events)

  1. Buy ads to promote them

Use Weibo advertisement to promote your content (Fensetong-Fensetoutiao) – entry new Wechat groups daily and share your content- explore new social commerce platform (Little red book)

Explore the power of China SEO on Baidu.

3.Share your content on all kind of platforms
Douban for attract a young community;
Weibo for the same reason if your content is strongly visual;
Zhihu to educate (The Chinese Quora);
Tieba to guarantee a good SEO;
Wechat moment and Wechat groups to be present in your city; build reputation around you and then expand.

Put yourself and your message in the center and reiterate. Products are boring, but you are not;
That the reason why exist Social media influencers and good storytelling.

4.Message anyone who’s got 5000-10000+ followers (Chinese influencer) . See how you can add value. Hit them up on Weibo.Message them, connect, add value, and in return, they might give some awareness to your brand. Be a smart foreigner in China.

Mistakes to avoid

Be sure that you know well what you are talking about. Don’t sell yourself. work hard and describe the journey Document. Don’t create. time is limited; create natural content, because you might not have time and resources to create a movie. Use Yizhibo for good live streaming and share it on Weibo.

Find freelancers to work on your photo editing; If you have a business or a project that allow this, use UGC (User-generated content) to share on your Platforms. If you have money (and so you don’t have time) work with a fast and smart agency that can take daily care of your online reputation.

Don’t Panic. is going to be hard and you might think many time to give up. BUT, result are going to come and the process is more interesting than what you think.


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