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Building a strong personal brand is essential for career success

In today’s job market and entrepreneurial environment, there is no space for being just another face in the crowd. You have to appeal to your target audience and you also have to separate yourself from your competitors.

How you achieve this is by creating a recognizable Personal Brand. Your target audience is everywhere: HR managers, potential customers, employers, investors, movie directors and so on.

This entire personal branding process can be broken down into 3 steps:

1: Building a basic brand

2: Building an audience

3: Get Opportunities

Brizzo & China Digital-AICY The importance of personal branding

1: Building a basic brand

Personal Branding Strategies – Part 1


2: Building an audience and credibility

Personal Branding Strategies – Part 3

3: Nurturing your audience for personal branding opportunities

By branding yourself as an active thought leader in your industry, you open the door to tons of possibilities.

Speaking Gigs





if you have the skills, why not open as many doors as possible for yourself? And that starts with personal branding, actively connecting, and building your audience.

Visibility is the necessary

steps you can take to increase your visibility online are:


it refers to contacting people, organizations, news sources, etc Outreach can range from tweeting at someone to sending a message on LinkedIn, to cold calling, emailing, pitching and more. Your goal in outreach is to create “brand awareness” in others.


When done well, networking is about making a sincere connection with another person that can then develop into a mutually beneficial relationship. Focus on finding good hard-working people, that you respect who may have some overlap in your industry or desired profession.

Interest groups on social media

Remember, networking doesn’t have to happen in formal settings. It can start in real life or online, but engaging on social media is the easiest way to nurture those relationships actively and passively. These efforts will always help you when it comes to personal branding.

Ongoing engagement

Publishing high-quality content isn’t enough. In order to keep your existing audience interested and attract more people to your brand, you have to regularly engage on these platforms.

Respond as best as you can to the comments, questions, and content directed at you from your audience.

Ongoing content creation

When it comes to developing a personal brand, regularly updating your profiles and website(s) with fresh content is a must. Consistent content creation positively impacts three channels of your overall personal branding strategy:

Search engine optimization

Sites that search engines view as “high authority” outrank their competition … that means that when people look you up online, they’re more likely to click on that link, as opposed to those ranking below it. When people find this profile or piece of content, not only are they exposed to engaging information, but they see your positive personal brand and may increase your audience numbers.

In short: Ongoing content creation + optimizing your properties for search engines = higher authority = best chance at ranking high in SERPs = Better chance of people finding you = successful personal branding


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