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There is a direct relation between activity on your social media and amount of gigs you get. Agents and casting directors do watch social media, so show your best to impress! MDL Talent Hub together with AICY Create has prepared 7 tips that will help you to get better use of your social media accounts.

在社交媒体上的活跃度与你获得的演出次数之间存在直接关系。经纪人和演员都会玩转社交媒体,所以请尽力留下深刻印象! MDL Talent Hub跟AICY Create已经准备了7个技巧,可以帮助你更好地利用你的社交媒体帐户。

Lorenzo Brizzo is an established social media personal branding specialist at AICY Create.

Lorenzo Brizzo是知名社交媒体AICY Create个人品牌专家。

  1. Show your best


Think before posting a picture—is this blurred drunk selfie will give your a better image? Probably fancy look while you are on a shooting set with a good light is much better. Being selective will certainly have a positive effect on perception of yours.


  1. Post frequently


Audience should remember you, but don’t be too annoying as well!. Several posts per week is ahealthy frequency.


  1. Be natural


Posting fake is not welcomed as well—people one day will start laughing at you. Be yourself, don’t exaggerate with trying to be the best one. Show you life, backstage, some funny stories that happened recently, or an interesting activity you were a part of.


  1. Mix it up


Showing different aspects of your life is more engaging than having a catalog of past gigs in your feed. There is no recipe for the most optimal cocktail—all of us have different lifestyle and sense of reality!



  1. Be social


Engage with you audience and build relationships rather followership. Communicate with other users on your own account as well on your friends accounts, it social media in the end. Try to avoid scandals and accusing anyone, no one likes to work with troublemakers. Not to mention being a discriminative against any social groupis never welcomed among professionals.


  1. Know your audience


Social media is firstof all communication and as common sense suggests you should now whom you are communicating to and adjust your messaging accordingly.



  1. Think long-term


You won’t becomea KOL overnight, but long-term strategic vision will certainly bring you some fanbase already in 3 month. Building community requires time and effort aligned towards a well-defined goal.


Social media is certainly a must be tool for any type of talents. Now you have better idea how to get results. While being active online, don’t forget about offline!




MDL Talent Hub is creating a safe and transparent environment (app and desktop) for professional bookers and talents to make their lifes easier. The platform is open now for MDL ambassadors and soon will be open for the wider audience.


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