AICY had the pleasure of interviewing Marco & Mattia, Founders of MVP. Why are they so successful? AICY knows Why……
Name: Marco Bettio & Mattia Visconti
Wechat Official Platform ID: MVP_Shanghai
Full Video Interview: 

B: Mattia Why you live in China? Please Describe 2 things you are good at here in Asia.
M: Thanks Brizzo for this interview; After 10 years living in Asia, China it’s my second home and 80% of my business is in Shanghai,  So it’s more convenient to stay here. 2 things I am good at? Since I’m not a really patient person I try to find always shortcuts and trying to simplify discussion and situation as much as I can, so this help to try to set a standard and move forward.
B: You manage the most successful event in Shanghai; what makes you so good at?
M: I think creativity and experience; I worked in this industry since I was a teenager in many different environments. I have a true passion for the industry and I work really hard. Today I see many clubs in Shanghai using my line of work that was unknown before.
B: Marco is your turn;
B: Can you describe yourself and your career in 3 lines?
M: Sure Brizzo; I am a very positive and determinate person, energetic and extremely friendly.My career started just like this, without any plan ..I started to work with Mattia and surprisingly it all happen. I am very good at human relations and team building, and in my business, these are skills you must have.
 B: Marco you manage one of the most active restaurant in Shanghai; what makes you so good at?
M: attention to details and…… I treat every guest as if they are your friends visiting you after 10 years you didn’t see them. Come at Fellas Tonight and you will enjoy the same feeling. I am also very lucky; I have a beautiful team I can trust, a friendly relation with them, and this makes all my effort sustainable.

B: Mattia what are your passions and interests?
M: I love Travelling, music, meeting interesting people and women. you decide the order of importance. In business, I like new projects, and this is what keeps me mentally engaged.B: Mattia Ones you told me: Bad publicity is still publicity. You were just stealing Madonna’s quote or you believe it?M: I didn’t know was Madonna to say it, I remember when I was 15 years old,  a Club Manager I was working with told me that;  regardless I think that sometimes it is like that.. of course not always. Depends on the scale of how bad is the situation.Examples: the coming out George Michael and Kevin Spacey; One ended up with a successful song the other one with a career destroyed. It really depends.B: Mattia I know that you are a successful investor; is a gift you get from your parents or you learn from the ” street ”?M: My parents came from 2 different backgrounds, My mother is an artist my father more business oriented.. but I’ve to say I learned in the club industry when I was a teenager …an environment full of sharks.
 B: Marco we all know you are very successful with women; do you have any tips for us kids?
M: I am actually not…what appears it is not always reality. If you see me with many good looking women doesn’t mean I have sex with them at all…actually, I became more like an advisor/friend than anything else.
M: Marco a common friend told me that your life before China was pretty adventurous; can you give me some insight of it?
yes, I traveled up and down the globe just to discover and enjoy every single moment of my life; I supported myself with some little work here and there, always in F&B or events of all kind.
B: Marco you are one of the few Italian WORLDWIDE able to wear the blue jeans jacket with a tie and be extremely elegant. It is just because you have long hairs to match or …….
I just shortened my hair big time…I wear my Blue jeans Jacket (no brand ) on any occasion, the same model repeating since 10 years, Uniqlo. I don’t know if I look elegant…you are saying so.. I just feel comfortable and at ease.

B: Mattia 4 fast questions; give me 4 fast answers:
What kind of a leader are you?
M: I like when people who surround me develop skills and can walk alone  and be useful
Do you do things according to a plan, or are you spontaneous?
M: Depends on the situation, but mostly accordingly by the situation.
 Do you pay attention to details?
It’s a mus, especially in China.
 Is there something you would love to correct about your past?
Giving myself too much.
B: Marco 4 fast questions; give me 4 fast answers:
Is there something you would love to correct about your past?
M: I would marry one lady of my past
Do you have any regrets?
M: this above
What things are you proud of?
M: my team, my friends.
What type of person do you want to be remembered as?
M: playful but trustful and honest at the same time

B: Thank you guys ! is a pleasure be your friend, see your business grow and enjoy Shanghai with you. The cool vibe there is around you on doing business inspire me and is also something I want in my agency. See you soon. Brizzo


MVP – Creative Agency in Shanghai

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