Could the common person, the one, who takes the metro in the morning with you, walking the same streets, drinking the same coffee, be a Personal Brand? Of course, they can! Social media – especially Chinese – give anyone an opportunity to show talents and skills, bring value to others. Creating a positive digital presence, making profits out of social media reputation is possible for everyone. Here we have a chance to talk to one young lady, who has already done it.

Beautiful and strong Russian girl who builds herself alone in a foreign country, with a big smile and blond hear, smashes her competitors both in sport and life.

Name: Daria

Job: student and bodybuilder

Career duration: 2018-n\d

Country: China

She came to China at the age of 18 with zero Chinese and very basic English. Till 22 managed to get Bachelor degree as Chinese-English translator, started to make a master degree in journalism and – the most important – found herself in sport.

This year Daria took part in bodybuilder competition in Shanghai (2019锦呈杯IWF-CUBFA健美身比基尼邀请赛) and won in two nominations: Open Group Bikini C and University Student Bikini C.

Now she gets hundreds of likes in the Instagram, runs her WeChat account, models and helps others to create perfect diet, training system or learn English.

Story of a dream

Back in 2014, Daria left Russia without exact purposes, just with one dream – to see the big world. She has a chose: China or Europe. And she has chosen China because feels it more suitable for her character. With that instant fire in her heart, she couldn’t fit a slow and calm life in Europe. But bright and vivid Shanghai looked like a perfect place. And it possibly still is.

The sport was always in her life. From a very early age, she went swimming and playing tennis. At high school, she decided to try her in a new field, as she got more interested in building the perfect body. She went to a fitness club and group classes, worked in Russia with a trainer, after came to China continued on her own.

There was a good friend of Daria who gave her this idea – to go on stage. It was a hard decision, but she had started intensive preparations for FIBO CHINA in 2018. Unfortunately, after several months of hard work, she had got bad news from Russia. There were serious family problems, which she still doesn’t want to talk about. That year, choosing between family and sport, she left China, without any hope to be back to bodybuilding again.

After she came back to Shanghai, for Master degree, Daria was also back to the gym, but just for fun and without thinking about professional sports. But that friend of her popped up again and offers professional advice about preparations. After that, almost all were in her hands, but with the advice of a friend since it was an experiment.

4 months of hard work ended by amazing victory in two nominations. By now Daria is preparing to next competitions with a professional coach.

Fears behind the smile

One of the biggest fears of her is to have some health issues because as soon as you started to have health problems you should stop every prep. Strict diet and physical exertion, along with studying at the University, don’t make your life easy, take a lot of time, efforts, and, of cause, money. But she still finds time for friends and hobbies: she’s just started to study Spanish and have Latin dance classes.

Her connections with family are also very strong. As far as they are her main support, they also are her vulnerability. Daria is always ready to left everything in Shanghai, including all her dreams, just to be with them in the dark hours.

Daria came to an unfamiliar country just with strong willing to build herself in this big world. And by now she is doing well.

Sport and Personal brand

Every single piece of her everyday life Daria records on Instagram and WeChat. She simply enjoys it, but it also gives her a lot of motivation, connections and even revenue. Daria uses WeChat page as an advertisement for personal training and some supplements. Even thou in Instagram she just posts personal stuff from workouts, but people get interested in it and contact her for personal training.

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She has built and keeps a strong online reputation of beautiful and strong girl, sportswomen. In her social media she gives advises about training and sports diet in China – and these are still few in Shanghai.

She confesses, that sometimes feels not so comfortable about how the Chinese react on her. For them, it’s a unique thing to see a skinny but muscular blond girl who is going hard in the gym.

Her social media image grown day after day, gives her a lot of profits, she competes and wins, making her reputation as a sportswoman, and all these so far away from home in such young age.

We have invited her to our AICY Create office to have a small talk about her life in Shanghai, her sport, her dreams and her personal brand.

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