We want to give to everyone the chance to have a great personal brand in Real Life and on Social Media, the chance to be the Best of Yourself.

You‘re being looked up when you talk to a potential customer, apply for a job, go on a date. AICY helps you ensure people like what they find about you on Social Media.

“I see actors and great sports champions; I admire them and the goals they accomplish. But for me, studying their branding techniques soon became a passion I couldn’t resist. How movie directors manage all the details of their movies with the purpose of creating emotions is one of the things I’m most passionate about. I’m a person that loves back stages. Soon I realized that everybody needs this knowledge and this chance, me included. ”

Lorenzo Brizzo


Imagine you are a Human Resource Manager.

If you chose to interview 裴埃岚 you’re not alone. 85% of Human Resource managers solidify their decision to hire someone based on positive Baidu results – and 70% solidify their decision not to hire based on negative ones.

And this doesn’t apply to only job applicants.

These judgments happen every day in business.

Personal Branding is the process of managing and optimizing the way that you are presented to others.

Social Media and Content Creation form the backbone of a modern Personal Branding Strategy. Our experts will improve how you look online and help you to have an outstanding Social Media identity.

1. Bootcamp on Personal Branding

4. Online Presence Optimization on Chinese and Western Social Media

Our In-house Growth Hackers will help you to grow your social media audiences using bots and organic techniques – AICY Hacking NINJAS

2. Defining your Personal Brand Strategy

5. Managing Your Online Presence over Time

3. High-quality Content Creation

AICY works with multiple of Photographers, Videographers, Editors, Animators, and Directors from Europe, USA and China. We work on PhotoShoots, Video Trailers, Interviews and Ghostwriting that aim to enhance your Brand

6. Optimize Your Reputation Strategy Long-term

Why It Matters?

Personal Branding offers you:
  • A way to stand out from the crowd
  • Opportunity to define and show your skills and values
  • Capture the Attention of Your Audience
  • Self-awareness
  • Media awareness
  • Greater credibility
  • Recognition and prestige
  • Leadership opportunities
  • A better social life
  • Freedom to Express Your Purpose in Life
  • Opportunity to create a contagious community around your cause
  • Elevate Your Platform of Exposure

Social Media can build a network around your strengths. Also, Social Media is the first place people look to form an opinion about you; you need to use them in a more goal-oriented way.

We provide a platform that transforms and radically improves the way you look Online




Production platform for creative sourcing, competitive bidding, metrics, and end-to-end project management




Access to over 1000 creative professionals who have delivered more than 70,000 video and photo projects to over 100 top-tier brands




An elite, in-house staff that brings production expertise to managing and supporting your most in-depth Personal Branding projects