Our team is the best in the industry, and we're dedicated to helping you improve your Corporate Brand and Personal Brand on Social Media.

Lorenzo Brizzo

Co-Founder & Director of Sales

Know more about Lorenzo...

Lorenzo Brizzo is a dynamic and energetic investor, marketing strategist, sales manager, brand Evangelist, musician, customer-satisfaction specialist, and sales Engineer. Also, he is a Co-Founder of AICY with interest in Personal Branding.

His brand was born out of his willingness to learn, coupled with the adventures he has experienced in his life. After years of learning, Lorenzo discovered the power of branding and how it could be of great use. He became very passionate about it and dedicated 100% of his time to building his personal brand.

In his young age, he managed to swim every day and won competitive races in Italy. During this period, Lorenzo learned that perseverance costs physical and mental efforts. It is impossible to win without perseverance. The same thing applies to branding; to build a successful brand, constant work is needed.

After his youthful experience, education and few years of qualifying work experience, he became a General Manager of an important tech company in Shanghai where he learned that you cannot manage a team of people without worrying about their needs. People who feel important give higher results. Lorenzo started understanding that Personal Branding is the main key to success; people need to feel special in everything they do.

At 34, he made his first dive in the Pacific Ocean. He learned that not only the road is dangerous, but also the sea. In diving, as in Personal Branding, every detail is important. One must be very careful and focus on his or her brand the same way he or she cares for oxygen tanks when diving in the open ocean.

At 35, Personal Branding has become his greatest passion, so he decided to start AICY. AICY is a value-based digital marketing agency focused on the Asian-Pacific market. AICY’s expertise is on Personal Branding applied to Social Media.

Today, Lorenzo is involved in a job where social media, publishing, marketing, sales, working, playing, passions and everything you read about are all rolled into one. Presently, his career and life are focused exclusively on the human side of branding and marketing. His mission is to give everyone a chance to have a great personal brand in their real lives and on social media.

  • Sales 100%
  • Reputation Specialist 95%
  • Marketing 85%

Jessica Zhang

Co-Founder and Head of Growth

Know more about Jessica...

Jessica is an entrepreneur, enthusiastic leader, and a co-founder of AICY. Jessica immediately realized the need to offer a professional and authentic Personal Branding service in China. She has decided to invest in the AICY project, and she works to promote the presence of foreign investors in the project. Today, she is committed to developing a mobile application dedicated to Personal Branding in Asia.

Before AICY, Jessica has invested in the educational business in Shanghai with impressive results.

  • Marketing 85%
  • Managing 90%
  • Investing 100%


Ninja Hacker

Luke has been working in the digital marketing space for over six years. Before working at AICY Luke was a reputation and digital marketing consultant for industry-leading property management companies and assisted various startups with their growth and online presence. 

  • Social Media Management 80%
  • Web Programming 100%
  • Digital Marketing 95%

Mike (Luo Zhang)

Senior Brand Strategist

Mike is a Senior Brand Strategist at AICY and a leading expert in personal branding and online reputation management. He empowers individuals and businesses to develop their personal and corporate brands, take control of their search results, and position themselves as thought leaders in their industries.

  • Personal Branding 100%
  • Marketing 85%
  • Media 90%


Reputation Specialist & Content Manager

Lili is a Shanghai-based Videographer, writer, editor, and content strategist For AICY.

  • Video 100%
  • Editing 90%
  • Producing 100%

Mark Farrell

Head of SEO & Web Designer

With a solid background as an Architect, Photographer and Designer, Mark joined to AICY Team to ensure the best image and ranking position.

  • Design & UX 95%
  • Web Programming 100%
  • Internet Marketing 90%

Marco Guidotti


  • Investment 100%
  • BD 80%
  • Marketing 90%


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